Scarpa Force X Climbing Shoe reviews

Scarpa Force X Climbing Shoe
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Chris Luchis

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On November 2, 2016
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Scarpa Force X one of the best all-round climbing shoe. it's equally good for indoor and outdoor climbing. It's a recommended product for intermediate and beginner climber.
Scarpa Force X ensure superb comfort and best performance also. The Bi-Tension active Randing and Vibram xs edge technology is used to made it is an all-round climbing shoe.

Scarpa Force X Climbing Shoe

The  Scarpa Force X Climbing Shoe is a best all-round climbing shoe. This shoe is a comfortable well fitted climbing shoe. Scarpa made this shoe for intermediate climbers and beginner in minds.

The proven fit of the performance-oriented design and dual Velcro Strap closure system added in Force X, which make this shoe is one of the best performance climbing shoes.

However, I find this is the best all round shoe when I climb. I climb with this shoe in indoor and rock as well found this shoe is extremely comfortable. But, for the crack climbing and edge climbing, this shoe is not recommended.

Therefore, this is one of the best all round shoe, which allow you to do gym, indoor climbing and rock climbing too.

Probably, this is one of the comfortable shoes I have find out. I’m comfortable with this shoe in gym and rock climbing. But, for crack climbing, I would go for Scarpa Instinct VS or La Sportiva Solution.

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What unique feature made Scarpa Force X is the best climbing shoe?

As I said, the comfort and fitting make this shoe is the best choice, also there is some unique feature also added in this shoe. Let’s talk about it bellow.

Proven fit performance-oriented design:

Scarpa Force X Climbing ShoeThis shoe is a proven fit, that’s mean it will exactly fit your foot. The performance-oriented design makes sure that it will fit your foot all the time. That mean it will grab you foot every time when you walking or standing on a little rock.

Bi-Tension active Randing:

This is a power boosting technology which used to increase your toe power while you climb. A reverse elastic strap is connected from your toe to your heel. This will produce power while you climbing. The Bi-Tension active Randing is unique technology only used in Scarpa climbing shoes.

Vibram XS edge:

The sole of this shoe is made by Vibram xs edge technology. This is the best sticky rubber on the climbing shoe industry. Also, this is softer rubber. The 3.5mm sticky rubber edge is used to make this shoe very durable and comfortable. So, it will give you a pain-free climbing.

Dual Velcro Strap closure:

People like dual, however, the Scarpa include dual Velcro Strap to power up your climbing. It does it works very good. But I thing, lacing up system is more comfortable.

Scarpa Force X Climbing Shoe for whom?

As I said, this is a nonaggressive comfortable shoe. It made for intermediate climbers in mind. While, it’s made for the intermediate climber but expert climber also can choose it as your climbing shoe. Because it doesn’t necessary to have an aggressive shoe for better climbing.

Therefore, you may consider the high-performance just because of its comfort. The beginner and intermediate label climber should try Scarpa Force X for its overall performance.

How does Scarpa Force X Climbing Shoe perform?

The Scarpa Force X is a comfortable shoe, no doubt. But, there are some limitations on performance. You can’t get the performance like an aggressive shoe. However, the performance it’s not lower also.

We have analyzed all of the shoes in comfort, crack climbing, edge climbing, sensitivity category. We found the shoe is an all-round climbing shoe. Let’s compare its bellow.

Crack climbing:

In the crack climbing test, the shoe isn’t a great performer. In the small crack, you wouldn’t able to positioning your toe like a pro climbing shoe. However, you will fill an extra comfort. Because the shoe will protect your foot better than a pro shoe.

Edge climbing:

The edge of the shoe is great for a small hill. But, climbing in crack rock this shoe isn’t perfect enough. The toe box is little wider and it feels when you’ll go for hanging on a little crack. Otherwise, the edge will give better comfortable climbing. The Vibram XS rubber edge will help to climb more confidently because this is must sticky rubber.

Comfort and sensitivity:

This shoe is a great comfortable shoe, no arguments. The sensitivity is also exceptionally good. The deluxe sole and padding make this shoe is a most sensitive climbing shoe.

Alternative shoe:

In the all round comfortable shoe, there is no alternative you have to look for. But if you are looking for aggressive climbing shoe then you can go to Scarpa Instinct VS or La Sportiva Solution. Also, you make go for simile climbing shoe Evolv Axiom.


In Conclusion, I must say this is comfortable and well fitted climbing shoe I have found. This shoe is highly recommended for beginner and intermediate climber.

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