La Sportiva Solution climbing shoe reviews

La Sportiva Solution climbing shoe
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On October 26, 2016
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La Sportiva Solution climbing shoe is an aggressive profile climbing shoe made for the expert climber. This is an ideal shoe for rock and crack climbing.
The P3 technology and Vibram XS rubber sole make this shoe comfortable and secure for climbing. For best performance, you must go to La Sportiva Solution climbing shoe.

La Sportiva Solution climbing shoe reviews

Are you looking for best, super, aggressive, all-round climbing shoe? In the La Sportiva Solution climbing shoe you will find all to gather. This is most aggressive downturned toe shoe on the market.

First of all, three unique facilities came together. Vibram XS sole , P3 power technology ,  Lock Harness System for heel makes this shoe is the best choice. It’s a highly recommended shoe for expert and intermediate climber, who creasy about climbing.

Therefore, this shoe is one of the best climbing shoe, climbers love it for good fittings. This shoe provides a fantastic grip and well comfort. It is the most powerful aggressive profile climbing shoe provides performance and comfort equally.

La Sportiva Solution climbing shoe Bellow the hell, there is some extra foam added for extra comfort. The toes are stays exactly in positions. Also, it doesn’t slip and slides inside. The closer system provides very tight fit with best comfort. This shoe is easy to put on and easy to put off.


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What is the specialty of La Sportiva Solution?

There is some unique facility are added on this climbing shoe. Those features and others climbing shoe features makes it best shoe. See that’s bellow.

P3 technology:

P3 means Permanent Power Platform, which allows the climber to climb with extra speed and extra comfort. In P3 Platform shoe fitted exactly. So, your toe and heel feel an extra power.

Vibram XS sole :

La Sportiva Solution climbing shoeVibram is the boss of the shoe sole making industry. Vibram makes Sportiva Solution shoe sole with XS rubber. Xs rubber is the best hardest and stickiest rubber knows everyone. This rubber sole gives the best gripping on the rock. Also, it provides the best comfort.

Lock Harness:

Lock Harness is super supporting technology which used in this climbing shoe. This system wraps your foot and toes and gives more secure fitting. Also, it will give you support of your heel hooking. As a result, you will get a super fast pain-free comfortable climbing.

Down turned toe:

Down turned toe is the best facility which is used to made professional aggressive climbing shoe. In this system your toe will slightly down turned, it allows you to perfectly position your toe on the creaks. It also powers up your climbing and helps to keep your body weight through your toe.

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La Sportiva Solution for whom?

Thomson Albert climber and member of the Alaska climbing club. I asked this question to him. He said you can’t walk faster with a down turned toe shoe while, you’re not an expert climber. He also said this shoe is made for rock climbing and creak climbing. So, it’s not a beginner show.

However, with his words, we can imagine that this is a professional climbing shoe. Also, it should be recommended for intermediate and expert climber, who wants to climb the top.

La Sportiva Solution’s performance

The performance of this shoe is extremely good. La Sportiva Solution is good for crack, limestone, stone and rock climbing. Let’s see bellow.

Crack climbing:

This is a down turned toe shoe, made for crack climbing in mind. For the down turned toe climber easily climb creak to creak. Climbers can positions their toe on the crack with more comfort. It doesn’t matter, the creak is how big or small.

However, if you compare with any creak climbing shoe like Evolv Shaman or Screap then it will pass the crack climbing test easily. In creak climbing, it’s the best climbing shoe.


The sole of this shoe is very thick. The Vibram XS technology used to make this shoe sole. The edge is perfect for climbing but, it’s not enough comfortable. The little fatty rubber sole gives more comfort what I think so.


The upper part of this shoe is made of synthetic leather which is too comfortable, no doubt. Also, the tongue of the shoe and closer system gives extra comfort. But, sole is little thick and harder. However, as an aggressive profile shoe, it’s very comfortable.

Alternative shoe:

La Sportiva Solution is an all-round climbing shoe. You don’t need any alternative if you have a pair of this shoe. But, if you’re desperately looking for an alternative of Sportiva Solution then you can go for La Sportiva Katana lace or Evolv Shaman or Screap.


In Conclusion, this is the best climbing shoe in the aggressive profile climbing industry. If you have La Sportiva Solution then you don’t need to look forward to any other climbing shoe. Finally, It’s a all-round climbing shoe, I must say.

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