Five Ten Dragon Climbing Shoe reviews

Five Ten Dragon Climbing Shoe
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Chris Luchis

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On October 31, 2016
Last modified:November 11, 2016


Five Ten Dragon Climbing Shoe is one of the best higher labels climbing shoe we have tasted. This shoe is perfect for edge and Crack climbing.
The rubber sole and Vegan upper make this shoe is the best choice. This shoe is recommended for the intermediate label climber. Also, the expert climber may enjoy this shoe facility.

Five Ten Dragon Climbing Shoe

Are you looking for a lightweight climbing shoe, which is down-turned toe an aggressive profile? The Five Ten Dragon Climbing Shoe will fulfill your needs.


The Dragon is an extremely lightweight aggressive profile climbing shoe made by Five Ten. This shoe is famous for its edge climbing facilities. Also, it’s comfortable enough but you can’t walk faster. However, it’s perfect for hiking, rock climbing, and climbing competitions.

I have tasted this shoe and I found its good enough for higher-intermediate label climber. An expert climber may try this shoe for its extreme edging. Also, this is one of the best downturn toe shoes.

This shoe includes Stealth HF rubber outsole which is 3.5mm that is enough comfortable for climbing. Also, the upper part is Synthetic Cowdura that’s mean it’s manmade leather which doesn’t stretch. Therefore, there is no animal skin has been used. It’s 100% vegan.

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What features makes Five Ten Dragon is the best climbing shoe?

There are many features makes Five Ten Dragon is the best climbing shoe. Those features added only on Dragon, let’s see it bellow.

The vegan:

If you are an animal’s lovers this would be great news for you that Dragon is 100% vegan. That means it doesn’t use any animals skin or anything.

low-profile toe box:

The low-profile toe box means that your toe will point to bellow. The benefits of the low-profile toe are your toes will get more power while you climb. Almost, all best climbing shoes have this facility. But, in this shoe, you will get more comfortable toe box.

The rubber outsole:

Five Ten Dragon Climbing ShoeStealth HF rubber is used to make its outsole, which is 3.5mm thick. This is also the sticky rubber on climbing technology. The softer rubber will give you best and comfortable climbing.

The edge:

The edge of this shoe is great for crack climbing. The uneven shape of this shoe is a great advantage for crack climbing. It’s can bid any crack climbing shoe, no doubt.

Non stretchy Upper:

This shoe’s upper made by Synthetic Cowdura leather. The Synthetic leather sometimes may stretchy. But in the Dragon Climbing Shoe, it never happens. So it doesn’t create any scarring moment while you climb.

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Five Ten Dragon Climbing Shoe for whom?

The Five Ten Dragon Climbing Shoe is an overall best climbing shoe. However, it’s a downturned toe climbing shoe. This shoe is not comfortable for walking but it’s very comfortable for climbing.

Therefore, this shoe is not recommended for beginner climber or gym climbers. But it’s a fantastic and ideal choice for the intermediate or professional climber.

How does Five Ten Dragon Climbing Shoe perform?

The performance of this shoe on the rock is good. The lightweight and softer shoe are perfect for crack and edge climbing. Let’s see how it performs…

Edge climbing:

This shoe is good for edge climbing. I have tasted this shoe and found the edge climbing performance good for downturned toe shape. Also the uneven sole design and harder sole gives enough comfort on edge climbing. But, the La Sportiva Solution and Evolv Shaman can be better. Because the Dragon is the little bit more downturned, which is 45 degree.

Crack climbing:

Five Ten Dragon Climbing ShoeCrack is the most important part of the climbing. This shoe does good perform on Crack but it painful. However, all downturned aggressive climbing shoes give little pain but it gives more than that. If you look at the performance you may give up the pain.


The Dragon is the most Sensitive shoe on the climbing industry. You will feel the best comfort because of this thin and sensitive sole. It wills perfectly positioning your toe and you never feel insecure. Therefore, this is the most Sensitive shoe I had discovered.

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Alternative shoe:

There are many Alternative of Dragon climbing shoe. However, there is no doubt that it is a good climbing shoe and it’s a good aggressive profile shoe. But, the Evolv Shaman, La Sportiva Katana Lace, Scarpa Instinct VS and La Sportiva Solution would be the best alternative to Dragon climbing shoe. Also, you can see the list of best climbing shoe here.


In conclusion, there is no argument that Five Ten Dragon Climbing Shoe is the best climbing shoe. The performance and comfort are equally good which makes this shoe is an overall climbing shoe.

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