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Evolv Shaman climbing shoe

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On October 21, 2016
Last modified:November 9, 2016


The Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe is one of the best aggressive profile climbing shoes. Shaman is made for the expert climber who wants to climb high and high. It's specially made for rock climbing and creak climbing.
The Shaman is best-downturned toe she which allows aggressive and comfort climbing together.

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

“The Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe is an aggressive profile more powerful downturned shoe. It produces more power when you crack climbing. This is the best climbing shoe I had discover.” said David Thomson instructor mountaineering club of Alaska.


The new Evolv Shaman is more improved, more flexible and well fits. The new features are made this shoe the best climbing shoe.

The shoe is downturned toe which is made for high performance. Evolv’s asymmetric design specially made for best speed and well comfort. Also, the shoe has brings some unique feature called “love bump”. This feature allows you keep your toe more natural position with extra comfort.

Evolv ShamanAlthough, you arch and heel will get extra space and, you will feel extra secure. Also, multi-enclosure velcro straps system gives you more secure feeling while you climbing.

The microfiber synthetic leather on the upper part, which is soft, allows extra comfort. This leather part keeps your foot moisture while you climbing. The 4.2mm Trax rubber sole gives you better gripping and better feeling.

This shoe is designed by Chris Sharma. This is Chris Sharma’s another signature series climbing shoe.

Whom Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe made for?

This was the question to David Thomson instructor mountaineering club of Alaska and he replied me, Shaman is an aggressive profile climbing shoe, which is downturned toe shoe. So, this is made for rock climbing and crack climbing.

He said, aggrieve shoe is not recommended for the beginner climber. It may recommend for indoor wall climbing but, it technically sounds for rock climbing and crack climbing. Especially it made for Limestone and Gravels in mind.

Therefore, this is the best professional climbing shoe. It recommended for intermediate label climber also.

The features of Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

There is no doubt that Shaman is the best climbing shoe. Although, there is much reason to choose this shoe as your climbing shoe. Let’s see below.

The love bump feature:

lacrosse-ballsLet’s talk about “love bump”. This is the unique feature added to this shoe. This is round lump ball under your foot and, you will feel that you’re standing on a lacrosse ball. It will give you pain-free awesome feeling. Because the lump ball is soft and rounded.

Fit and comfort:

Evolv Shaman Climbing ShoeThe fitting of the shoe is better than any other aggressive climbing shoe. Especially when it is downturned shoe the fitting may create problems. But this shoe is fit well. However, it’s very tight fit. But it’s more comfortable.

It does include velcro straps closure. The velcro straps make together with your toe but it does not mix together. Compare with other velcro straps climbing shoe, it much comfortable.


The 4.2mm Trax rubber sole gives better gripping on the rock, Limestone, and Gravels. So, you wouldn’t spend extra energy while you climbing. Trax rubber gives more relax climbing.

How does Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe perform?

Chris Sharma designs the Shaman to dominate the market. Chris Sharma is close to achieving his dream. In the updated version of 2016, Shaman comes with the best performance and better comfort.


If you compare Shaman with any high edge climbing shoe, then it will overcome every time. Its edge is perfect for standing on smaller cracks. The 4.2mm Trax rubber sole is softer than any climbing shoe, what you wouldn’t accept in any downturned toe climbing shoe. You may stand hour and hour on your toe with Shaman climbing shoe also, you will feel an extra power.

Crack climbing:

Crack climbing is the effective part of rock climbing. This shoe will easily pass any crack climbing test. The downturned toe and the arrhythmic shape also the softer sole gives you extra power and speed up your climbing.

Alternative shoes:

If you’re looking for the best alternative of Evolv Shaman, Also if you are looking for in the same price range then you can look forward to La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe. Another best climbing shoe could be Scarpa Instinct VS Climbing Shoe.


In Conclusion, I would highly recommend Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe because of its high performance. The comfort and performance don’t come together in any aggressive profile climbing shoe. But Shaman makes much comfortable climbing with high performance.

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