How to choose your first climbing shoe

La Sportiva Tarantulace Climbing Shoe

Choosing your first climbing shoe is a difficult and confusing process. We have all know that how people get confused to choose their first climbing shoe. Therefore, we have written this guide post about how to choose your first climbing shoe.

Probably you’re beginner climber, so you’re looking for your first climbing shoe. There are so many beginners climbing shoe on the market. But, we are giving a guide on how to choose your first climbing shoe bellow. If you follow those steps you can choose right climbing shoe for you.

What is beginner climbing shoe?

first climbing shoeA beginner climbing shoe made for beginner climbers. Probably those shoes are best fitted and comfortable climbing shoe. The best fitted doesn’t mean tight fitted. This shoe is made for all day comfort. The comfortable climbing shoe is highly recommended for the beginner climber. There are too many climbing shoes on the market, let’s see how to choose your first climbing shoe bellow.

The shoe shape:

Beginner climbing shoe is similar to your street walking shoe. It’s soft and comfortable but well fitted. The beginner shoe shouldn’t be downturned toe shoe. You never walk faster with a downturned toe shoe if you’re a beginner climber. So, don’t buy downturned toe shoe if you’re beginner.

Some top beginner shoe would be La Sportiva Tarantulace, Scarpa Force X, Evolv Axiom.

Rubber sole:

However, if you are a beginner climber then the rubber sole plays a great part of your climbing shoe. You need a softer rubber sole shoe. Because the softer rubber gives more comfortable and flexible running. As a beginner climber your aim to run faster without getting pain. So, the rubber sole will play a great role there. You should choose minimum 3.5 mm sole which is softer.


The weight is another must important part of a climbing shoe. Just think, you’re wearing a pair heavyweight shoe and you’re climbing whole day. You must get pain end of the day.

The fittings:

Fittings are one of the best parts of choosing a climbing shoe. As a beginner, you should not choose a tight fit or loose fit climbing shoe. A tight fit climbing shoe gives painful walking. Also, it would be very hard to walk with a loose fit shoe.

Our recommendation:

There are so many beginners climbing shoe available on the market. But we will recommend La Sportiva Tarantulace, Scarpa Force X, Evolv Axiom climbing shoe. Because those shoes are lightweight, comfortable, easy walking and best selling products. Also, you can cheek the best climbing shoe list.


In Conclusion, we will recommend going for the best comfortable shoe. As a beginner climber, you should choose a comfortable shoe.

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