About us

Hi, this is Thomas Williams. I’m a professional climber. I love to do climbing and outdoor activities. I started my climbing career at 2009. Before that, I was learner and face many difficulties while I climb. So, I and my friends started climbing star for help newcomer climber.

Why climbing star?

As I said we started climbing star for helping a newcomer who wants to start climbing as a beginner or professional. Our resource will help to the new climber to overcome their problems.
What climbing star provides?
Our mission and vision is to provide well depth resource to a newcomer who trying to begin their climbing or outdoor activities. We are not any institutions that teach how to climb. But, we will teach you how to make your climbing easy and risk-free. You will learn how to start your climbing, how to start climbing as a professional etc.

Why climbing star?

Climbing star is a virtual platform where you will get your all necessary tips and resource about climbing. You will learn how to earn from climbing, what is the best climbing gear, what is the best climbing shoe, best climbing helmet, globs etc.
Here you will find all the true information about climbing. We will publish climbing news regularly. So you will be updated with climbing industry.

Our mission:

Our mission is to create more professional climber in USA, Canada, and Australia. We will give all the information about climbing events, publishing true story etc. Anyone can contribute to our team by sending their story. We will publish it and let everyone to know it.


Climbing Star will try to make a good environment in climbing industry. We will try to help new and expert climber to publish the story, news, and reviews of climbing. So, stay with us, follow us, give us more climbing information and story.